Are you PLAYing with temptation

God’s word rhetorically asks all of us a question of common sense. “Can a man carry fire next to his chest and his clothes  not be burned?” (Pr. 6:27 ESV)  The answer of course is no. The principle idea as this passage goes on is that as you play with dangerous things you will eventually be harmed and suffer.Think hard and heavy on this warning in God’s word. You must meditate and examine your life through this question, “Am I playing with temptation”.There are four key areas we must ask hard questions and guard very fervently.  Are there…
People we shouldn’t be with?
are there people you shouldn’t be with? Enticers? Bad company. Those who you find attractive( 1 Corinthians 15:33)
Locations we shouldn’t be at?
are there places you shouldn’t be? drive routes, restaurants, book or movie stores? Blessed are those who don’t sit in the seat and stand with sinners and scoffers (see Psalm 1:1)
Activities we shouldn’t do?
the list can be extensive. The heart of the issue is why we do what we do? We can be deceived! how strongly do we defend your freedom or right to do something?  Remember not everything is beneficial- careful you don’t do what tears down your heart and and builds idols in its place.
Your thoughts you shouldn’t be thinking about?
what do you fantasize, re-live and think about?  What we dwell on, we become.  Yes the devil is initial contact, and can plant ideas and thoughts in our minds. But if we dwell and entertain them, they are now our thoughts… ones that we are accountable before our all knowing God.

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