The Born Again Person Fights Sin-

But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires. 
-Romans 13:14 ESV
The efforts of the born again believer in Jesus Christ person are ignited, energized and sustained by the Holy Spirit alone. Resolutions are bolstered beyond will power because of Spirit of the living God in the  Christians life. The moment by moment power we need is found in the promise of God’s future grace being their. We must lean heavily on it.MAKE NO PROVISION FOR YOUR FLESH— Do what you must to conquer lust!!

“A man who is born again is careful of his own soul. He tries not only to avoid sin but also to avoid everything which may lead to it. He is careful about the company he keeps. He knows that evil communications corrupt the heart and that evil is more catching than good, just as disease is more infectious than health. He is careful about the use of his time; his chief desire is to spend it profitable.

He desires to live like a soldier in an enemy country—to wear his armor continually and to be prepared for temptation. He is diligent to be watchful, humble, prayerful man. What would the apostle say about you? Are you born again?”  – J.C. Ryle  Are you Born again?

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