Do What you M.U.S.T. to Conquer Lust- part 1


If your right eye causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away. Matthew 5:27a

The Bible doesn’t say to cut your eye out literally. Jesus is saying here that we are to take sin seriously. Pastor J. C. Ryle encourages believers to “Fight a better fight, and war a better warfare every year you live.” This coming new year will bring a different temptation and challenges to your walk of faith and righteousness. Creative avenues and opportunities to fall into lustful situation will come. Strategic attacks from the world and the devil will pop up suddenly. You will find even your own heart deceiving you in moments of weakness.

What Jesus is saying here is to do what you must to conquer lust. The battle of your greatest temptation (whatever it may be) must be fought with great and serious mentality. Strategic plans must be resolute plans! Strength in the fight must be found on your knees and in the One who is greater than this world.  It is not a fight through will power. It is a fight with the Lord’s power.

For the first weeks of this year I wish to encourage you with some strategies too fight a better fight this year. I’ll overview them today and flesh them over the next couple of weeks

Do what you MUST to conquer lust

M – Make no provision for your flesh

U – Understand your triggers

S – Succeed through established practices

T – Train your thoughts


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