Summer 2014 update

Hey everyone! Just wanted to update you all on the latest at Biblical Purity so you can be in prayer and support

New Website Design
The transition from the previous blog site to the new dot com site has gone overall smoothly and your patience through the last few months is appreciated. Some of the previous archived articles are still in pending and review as I’ve taken a more segmented approach in content and category. If there is something you’ve enjoyed and you no longer see it there and would like a copy, feel free to contact us at .

New Content and Categories
There is an excitement about the new content being developed.
Streamlining the vision for our blog site to Encourage the Fighter and Strengthening the Believer, we have begun to focus on specific content to the following topics:

• Loving Jesus and Hating Sin
• Preaching the Gospel to yourself
• Purity and Pornography
• 10,000 Reason to Sing Bless the Lord
• “Grace Gems” Select Devotional thoughts

Currently you have seen this summer the start of the new Ten Thousand Reasons posts. I hope you are blessed by them as you develop your meditation on God and his Word and cause your heart of worship to become deeper. These posts will run intermittently but the goal remains: To list 10, 000 reasons to say bless the Lord!

“Love God Hate Sin” has always been a great phrase of encouragement! In developing better content that encourages our fight for satisfaction in Christ alone, we’ve added the category of Loving Jesus, Hating Sin. To cultivate the desire for God -His presence, His passion, His glory- to be our greatest enjoyment is the main goal of this website. It’s based on the strategy to battle sin with a superior pleasure. That superior pleasure is to be God himself and our enjoyment of him is to be our pursuit… not sin. Look for future content that will address hating specific sins (such as the deadly seven sins list!) and developing a love and virtue that honor God.

Ongoing articles on Pornography and Purity and the great content of Grace Gems will continue to be shared. In taking inventory of what’s been written and series that have been ongoing, the hope is to finish the “Do What You MUST to Conquer Lust” this fall and have new content in the coming year to help your fight!

Contacting through Twitter and Follow this blog
This is where I need your prayer. In trusting God to grow this portion of ministry and realizing I’m weak at marketing. Pray that God will bring the increase! I think it will give Him greater glory over my tech savvy (or lack thereof ! )

We have a new Twitter profile @BiblicallyPure that we are looking to grow in ongoing encouragements for your walk with Christ. Get daily reminders and Bible verses sent to you. Sign up Today! Our goal is slowly grow the following 10 at a time. We are currently at 29.

At the website we have a Follow this blog button that will send new posts to people email when they are published. Our goal is to increase this by 25 we are currently at 30. Could you help and pray for this as well as encourage others to sign up.

Coming in the Fall
Look forward to new posts to come out regularly starting in the Fall, Tuesdays. Thanks for your prayers. If there is something you’d like to see addressed or, you have an encouragement of how this website has ministered to you, drop us an email. We’d love to know what God is doing!

BiblicallyPure… Because of Christ!


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