Bless the Lord #8

“For all Your goodness I will keep on singing Ten thousand reasons for my heart to find…” Matt Redman. These posts are my simple way to cultivate a heart of love and praise. The goal: to list 10,000 of the reasons in my life. Join me if you want.

#8 That he worked hard for my salvation, when I wanted a lazy life. The cross I have to carry and kill on a regular basis is materialism and worldly living.(Any one else? 🙂 ) The ads of promise of a life of ease and everything I want, are designed for guys like me. But even when I tried to work hard to gain a lazy and easy life, God never allowed it. Every open and closed door and the heartache or ease it brings, is from God. Jesus worked hard for my salvation. The Bible says that Christ came so that we’d have a different life, but in order for us to have access to that born again joy filled life, Christ suffered the wrath of God. That is hard work. I bless the Lord for that… gratefully!


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