Bless the Lord #124 Football season is around the corner!

“For all Your goodness I will keep on singing Ten thousand reasons for my heart to find…” Matt Redman. These posts are my simple way to cultivate a heart of love and praise. The goal: to list 10,000 of the reasons in my life. Join me if you want.

#124 Football season is around the corner! And it’s not an idol anymore!

(I decided to bring this one out of the chronological list because it is the season. I couldn’t help my excitement!  I’ll return to the regular list next time)

Any way I was a late lover of football- specifically our home team- the Green Bay Packers! I grew up with football around me, but I never watched it with my dad as he was just not a big fan of any sports. But as I got into my early 20’s I began to really enjoy the game. As time went on and the Pack finally won their first Super Bowl in thirty years, I was a hardcore fan. Then something happened. I began to notice the afternoons after either a loss or a win the outcome of that game, affected my mood and who I was. I realized that one little football game, was stealing or elevating my joy in life. And it shouldn’t be that way.

I realized it was any idol!

I wasn’t sure how to address it, but I knew I needed to. Fortunately, every season ends and the countdown for the next one begins. One off season, the Lord was very gracious to me in placing new desires in my heart that would be for him and his kingdom. He placed a love and desire for the church family we are a part of – to go deeper than we were at. Shared lunches and afternoons with people became our priority as we developed deeper friendships and actually experience life together- tear for tear, joy for joy.

The idolatry of football diminished considerable. It was now o.k. to watch a taped game- or to miss a half game- everything was ok. They still won and they still lost without my direct support.

Then something fantastic happened! God blessed me (and my wife) with the opportunity to go to our first live game… in November… against the Vikings… Lambeau Field!! Bottom line for that game is the we blanked the Vikings 34-0. But the bottom line for my heart- They were no longer the reason I existed or the cause for my joy. I sincerely believe, God blessed me with that opportunity, because my heart was in a better place.

Now in my 40’s I now enjoy football with my family. They are all bigger fans than they have been in previous years. The kids actually got to see their own generation of players win another Super Bowl. And they get to see their dad, handle losses better than a fitful stomp and scream at the television. Mind you, not always perfect in that- just not the angry display it was towards my mini-gods not listening to my advise and losing over something dumb… ( )

Football season is around the corner and it’s no longer my idol- and I bless the Lord for both of them


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