Fall Kick Off


Love God Hate Sin a new periodical post aim to encourage the believer in a repentant Gospel centered  lifestyle. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss a post.

Series Spoilers… New posts every Tuesdays!

Starting September 2 we will be going into the last leg of the series, “Do what you MUST to conquer lust”. Specifically  we will wrap up the Succeeding Through Established Practices and  Training your thoughts.   To review check out this link http://wp.me/p3raUt-d
— I want to give a big thank you for those who have been along for this series and have waited for this final follow up section. As every endeavor we try to accomplish, these things are Lord willing and in the past 2 years, my attention has had to be focused on major family health issues for both my wife and my son. We find ourselves on the other side, grateful to God that they are alive, healthier and moving forward in all areas of life. Lord willing, you have reached way beyond just a simple blog for discipleship and encouragement in your life as the Bible commands us to. Either way, I’m grateful you have hung in there and that the Lord has allowed me to press in to this portion of my ministry.

Coming in October a new series will be start up called “What does it mean to be biblically pure?

I’ve done the math…
Ten Thousand Reasons will continue the quest-incidentally, I’ve done the math. To list ten thousand reasons within a reasonable amount of time, I need to come up with three a day. My list is much bigger than what I’ve posted so far so the material is there. But at that rate, I’ll be done in 9 years. Again Lord willing- but I think it would do my heart good. But what about you? Are you finding reason for your worship of the Lord, to go deeper and more thoughtful than before? I pray you do.

Blessings over the coming quarter… Share accordingly and keep loving God and hating sin!
One more reason for my heart to sing bless the lord O my soul.


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