Why I Hate Laziness

People say “where there is a will, there is a way.” Laziness is not necessarily the lack of will. There is a motivating will behind a lazy person’s behavior and lifestyle. In fact Proverbs says, “The desire of the sluggard kills him, for his hands refuse to labor.”(21:25) So they have desire. But it is not to be exemplified or encouraged. In fact it should be called out and repented of.

Laziness is understood more accurately when thought of as sloth. Sloth is an absence of caring or activity. The lazy person is motivated by both. Their attitude is “whatever”. The natural filling of any activity that isn’t pursued by the lazy person, is the pursuit of the insignificant and shallow cares of this world. Mainly of their selfish souls appeasement.

Slothful people must reject a passive lifestyle and learn to hate slothful, laziness in their own life. They need to put their strength and mind into loving the Lord in these things over loving the world. They need to fight apathy towards significant and important issues, relationships and circumstances.

I love the way Alistair Begg summarized the lifestyle of the lazy person. Here is a summary of part of his message on “A Warning Against Laziness” ( check out the link http://www.truthforlife.org/resources/sermon/warning-against-laziness/)
1. They are hinged to their bed – Proverbs 26:14
2. They are happy with excuses – Proverbs 26: 13
3. They are hopeless at completing things – Proverbs 19:24
4. They are hungry for fulfillment – Proverbs 13:4
5. They are haughty in their self-appraisal – Proverbs 26:16

I hate laziness, because I never get things done that I complain about.
I hate laziness, because of the coward it makes of me.
I hate laziness not because I’m not motivated. It’s that I’m motivated for the wrong desires.
I hate laziness because I desire so much and I’m never satisfied.
I hate laziness because it doesn’t help me complete any resolutions.
I hate laziness because it stops me from sharing Jesus with lost friends
I hate laziness because it causes me to be tired all the time.
I hate laziness because I become a whiner when I embrace it.
I hate laziness because of the way it affects couples I know that could have a better marriage. Yet they don’t even try.
I hate laziness because it stops men from being leaders in their homes, and marriages.
I hate laziness because it stops woman experiencing the healing they are looking for.
I hate laziness because it opens me to temptation and sin.
I hate laziness because it stops me and the rest of God’s children from using my spiritual gifts to the fullest and most God glorifying way.
I hate laziness because it keeps boys from becoming men.
I hate laziness because it keeps girls from becoming woman.

But I love Jesus, because he is the model of godly initiative.

I love Jesus because He lives in me through the Holy Spirit to help me in the times I fail.
I love Jesus because he will work in me the motivation and energy where I can’t.
I love Jesus because he doesn’t ask me to do things perfectly. Rather he asks me to be willing and teachable.
I love Jesus because He will empower me to face what I fear.
I love Jesus because he will form in me a life of self control, when I repent of laziness.
I love Jesus because he always provides a way of escape from the temptation I have in my life to be lazy.

What does repentance look like for those who struggle with laziness? It begins with them on their knees acknowledging sin and asking God to create in themselves a clean heart with new desires.They remember the good news that says Christ empowers them when they have no power. They pray for desires of a greater love for things which Jesus loves. They ask for a greater purpose and passion beyond themselves and their comfort. Then they get up from their prayer time, take responsibility for what God has given them and begin to engage effort and care into those areas.


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