Do What You M.U.S.T. To Conquer Lust – Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion to this series of post there are short random thoughts you need to be aware of.

  1.  This series and concluding thoughts are not the final word on the matter.  There are a few key concepts I’ve not included in this particular “tool kit”. They deserve their own posts and series as they are totally different tools to use in developing a lifestyle of biblical purity and repentance.Look in the future posts on particularly accountability and humility.
  2. I urge you  to intentional address the internal issues. Find a biblical counselor to help sort out  past hurts. See your pastor to help identify faulty worldviews submit yourself to a  process of addressing internal triggers and sins that will lay out a game plan to have the healing touch for Christ and the Word.
  3. I urge you to to extremely deal with external temptations. Get help to do this. Most people who have heard of Billy Graham know the steps he took to make sure his personal life was free from temptation and accusation and he stands today as a may of exceptional integrity because of it. Many say he went overboard. Yet in light of the high guardrails and precautions, it has been worth it. What high guardrails and precautions do you have? Take your sin seriously.
  4. Focus on daily moment by moment obedience. You are not guaranteed tomorrow, so focus your long term pursuit of Christ on Today!
  5. If you are paralyzed in your struggle in particular with pornography and unsure where to start and need to talk, contact us through out twitter acount, follow us and then private message  .
  6. Stay tuned for the next series about biblical purity

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