Bless the Lord #20

“For all Your goodness I will keep on singing Ten thousand reasons for my heart to find…” Matt Redman. These posts are my simple way to cultivate a heart of love and praise. The goal: to list 10,000 of the reasons in my life. Join me if you want.

#20 that the Spirit uses me in His ministry regardless of who I am.

This has been so freeing. Early in my walk with Christ I was afraid of missing God’s opportunities because I wasn’t sensitive enough to the Holy Spirt. Then for a while I let my own self esteem issues build an arrogance in my heart about my own self importance. Then, by God’s good grace, he humbled me and showed how much bigger he was than me and how truly smaller and a wreck I am. I got the picture. Suddenly a very special thing began to happen in my life. My ministry began to take off. The Lord used me, but I he didn’t need me. I have a greater peace and joy in that. Seeing God get the credit has been much more satisfying to me than when others praise me. I bless the Lord for that.


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