Bless the Lord #30

#30 that God revives the love in my marriage.

My wife and I have always seen our marriage as an adventure. It has its highs and lows. We’ve been through dramatic times and laid back moments Over all we are pretty even keeled people. While in the make-up of our relationship I have been primarily the romantic one, there are times where we both sense our “in love” quotient is hitting on all cylinders and we have great desire and feelings of love and enjoyment with one another.

Yet like any other long term couple, we have gone through the dry times where we are committed, but we don’t “feel”. The actions of true love are still present in our relationship but not so much the “gushy, romantic emotions”

It is during those times I have noticed that God has stepped in and stirred the waters in both of us. He revives that love and joy for one another to a greater and more meaningful package of emotional love. I bless the Lord for that work in our hearts. He has been faithful!


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