I Love Our Giving God

God’s giving nature has drawn my praise.
I see his generosity in all my days.

Giving of gifts when I wasn’t deserving.
Yet his love and grace remains unswerving.

The gift of life- He provides with breath.
Has layers and meaning to supply it with depth.

The gift of protection- I’m aware that it’s there.
But he also guards against my souls despair.

The gift of hope -Lightens life’s load
Found in Christ as I walk the earthen road

The gift of comfort- His promise remain true
He reminds of this when he says: “I am with you”

The gift of His Word- Sharp, quick and alive
Encouraging my spirit when my walk is in a dive.

The gift of His Truth- which brings much clarity
It drives conviction and trust to solidarity.

The gift of his sovereignty- Fully reigning in power
Helping my faith in the doubting hour

The gift of grace in light of my wayward heart
Empowering my repentance as I make a new start

The gift of His Son to die in my place
Pardoning my sin and letting me live in His grace.


A giving God’s action loving toward me
Inspires my own generosity

A good reminder as I battle myself
To buy and keep all thing on my shelf.

His gifts aren’t always directly for me
But to share with others so they get to see

Our giving God’s nature is to inspire and impel
A generous heart from me as well.


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