Bless the Lord #33

#33 Sovereign Lord opens his throne of grace for me to approach through Christ.

Let me give you an image. There are times when we may feel like we are not to bother seemingly important people. Parents, bosses, pastors, you get the idea? People who you may think wouldn’t give you the time of day because what they are doing is important. Another image is like this. The President of the United States has a constant job that is schedule to the max! He does not have spontaneous drop in’s come into his office to ask for a few minutes of his time.

Here’s where I am going: Sovereign, Almighty, always powerful, always ruling God open his throne of grace to his people, the children of God- all the time. We can approach him when ever.

Many people struggle with the Father image of God, because of the shortcomings or issues they may have had with their  own parents. They were not that close or possibly even that open and transparent. But our Heavenly Father invites us lovingly- graciously- to his presence. I bless the Lord for that.


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