Bless the Lord #43

#43 that prayer is now the first resort in my life.
It used to no be that way.

It used to be myself and no quit attitude that I would go to. As a child I was awarded the “can do no quit” attitude award. People recognized my resiliency throughout my academic career. I also heard that throughout my vocational career as well. But through the years my twisted sinful prideful heart took it too far. The Lord humbled me of that by allowing me to fail. He taught me to trust and yet still endure. He taught me to pray- not just for things and thus treating him like a sugar daddy or vending machine. But he taught me to pray to Him- enjoying his presence and actually having a friendship with him… (see tomorrows post for more on that.)

But now prayer is the first place I go. Actually – more accurately- God is my first resort – not myself. I bless the Lord for that.


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