Bless the Lord # 44

#44 that God listens and cares even when He knows beforehand.
I’m fully aware and versed on the all knowing nature of God. It encourages me as I walk and pursue God’s desire and will for my life. Many people get discouraged with the thought: “Then why pray if God knows”. I encourage them by saying “Prayer is about a relationship with a person, not a retail card to purchase something.

There are moments in my own parenting, I know what my children are coming to ask me for. Yet I listen and care for their requests out of the deeper love I have for them as my children- period. Not because of their needs or burdens or because their requests makes me feel important. But because I have a deeper love for them that is not connect to anything else. I hurt when I see them hurt. I celebrate when they celebrate. That’s our heavenly Father too.

The experience of our relationship with God is in real time and space. And while the Lord himself is outside of that specific dimension, His omniscience does not void Him of truly caring in that moment even in light of him knowing everything about me.


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