5 reasons I read Christian blogs (and reasons why you should too.)

Stop-Reading-Blogs-300x225It’s New Years time so I feel the need to countdown something. So here are the reasons I read blogs- yes number one is the most important reason for me and my prayer for you is to see the benefit as well. Out of that, I hope you will cultivate a habit of reading Christian blogs in the coming year.
5. To help in my own writings
As a teacher of God’s word, I preach sermons, teach classes and produce a few blogs. By no means will my writings or sermons ever be at the level of Famous Dead (or even Alive)Preachers. Yet I want to have some kind of substance, Lord willing.

4. They are the right size to read
I grew up as a child with magazines around the house and on any given day you would catch me reading bits and pieces of that months volume on the porch, garage or in the kitchen (because that’s where they were left by my parents.) Blogs offer the bite size amount of an article or video that I can handle and grow little bits at a time.

3. They are a good digest of topics.
Many of the blogs I regularly read, distribute not just content I enjoy reading about, but also have topics I don’t always have an interest in. This is good because I need to stretch my thoughts and interests. Even in relation to church, kingdom and eternity

2. To cultivate my thoughts on life.
Good Christian blogs will get me thinking about life through a biblical worldview. Too many blogs are saturated with opinions instead of being saturated with Scripture. The ones that cause my meditations to return to Scripture are the ones most encouraging to my spiritual perspective.

1. To increase my love and worship of God.
As I read about the truth of God’s character and ways, it is a means to aid in my worship and enjoyment of the God of truth and to love him greater. Blogs have been a great help in loving God with all my heart soul, mind and strength.


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