New Year Update: 2015

New Year Update: 2015

I hope that you’ve been utilizing the new “Rethink” and “Love God, Hate Sin” periodical posts to aid in training your thoughts. These posts are designed to help in renewing your mind to a Biblical perspective. More posts are set to be published in the coming months.

As stated earlier in the fall, we have re-released the Pure Thoughts Memorization program with its own page. This time, we have included articles, sermons or commentaries to help you form a fuller idea as you meditate and memorize God’s word. Take the time to meditate on God’s word through these aids and to commune with God personally. Don’t just check list memorizing Scripture, meet with your Savior. Personalize the discipline for a greater joy in personally knowing Jesus. Fall deeper in love and worship of Him.

In the coming quarter posts will continue to be new on Tuesdays and Thursdays. More than likely Thursday posts will be the “Bless the Lord” posts to go along with a “Thankful Thursday” theme. Remember, the “Bless the Lord” posts are to inspire your own worshipful lists. Join us in that endeveour.

On the social media front, we ask that you continue to pray for a growing following  through Twitter. That would be a total God thing for him to bless accordingly. I think that would give God the most glory in what he does through this blogsite.

Blessings to all in your fighting for joy and strengthening through the Gospel.



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