Bless the Lord #49 That in failure God sustains me

it-is-ok-to-fail-600#49 that in failure God sustains me.
I live under the gracious state of forgiveness. The good news of the undeserved favor I am granted as God’s child is that it’s ok for me to fail. Now I don’t mean it’s ok for me to sin. I’m not talking about sinful versus righteous behavior. I mean that it’s ok for me not to achieve success, as defined by my or the world’s definition.

For example, if I don’t do something 100% right or 100% the way I was told by someone to do it- it’s ok. God sustains me. If I don’t achieve the result that myself or others expect my actions and behavior to accomplish- it’s ok God sustains me.

In other words, I don’t have to live a perfect life- Jesus already did it! But I also don’t have to live the perfect life and have success according to a lesser standard. Jesus lived a perfect life and is the perfect teacher, yet success in terms of how the disciples (or even the world for that matter) thought it should go was less than the standard of success that God was purposing.

Because Jesus succeeded, I can fail. And because Jesus succeeded God sustains me in my failure. I don’t have to fear his retribution, anger or disappointment because of my failure. God sustains his peace, acceptance and joy of me, through Christ. I bless the Lord for that


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