Bless the Lord #51 For a daughter who desires more time with me.

It was one of those special moments in the car with my daughter and the Lord.. In an effort to dispense a little wisdom to her, it was turned around for the Lord to remind me of something very important.

father-daughterWe were running errands and listening to the radio. There was a song on the radio, describing the woes of a relationship, in which the guy didn’t invest enough time with his girl and now he is lamenting it as they have broken up. I thought I would take the lyrics and point out to my daughter how important it was to invest time and effort into a marriage.

So I asked here to tell me what she thought this song was talking about. In her young and innocent yet thoughtful tone she said, it was about a dad and her daughter.

I was stunned. I ran through the lyrics of the chorus rather quickly in my head. While she was completely off base, I saw her perspective.

My daughter only heard the chorus clearly and from her worldview, these were the actions of a dad. To bring her flowers, to hold her hand, give her hours and dance with her.


Nothing I was going to tell her in that teachable moment was going to be more hard hitting then what I the Lord just reminded me of. God showed me a daughter who was watching my investment in our relationship and that she desired more. Not that I was in neglect. But just that she simply desired more time and thoughtfulness too. My actions in this teachable moment were going to be more important than my words.

I bless the Lord that in her teen years, she still wants that!


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