#55 for God’s sustaining and protecting my marriage for 20 years now

20th anniversary3

The covenant vows that my wife and I took twenty years ago mean more to me today than it did then. Yes I understood them and yes, I knew the depth of the moment as I made those vows. But recently, we renewed those vows. It came at a time when we had passed through some hard storms that almost ripped us apart. We renewed our vows after a season, of concentrated care and counseling—yes even counseling. We couldn’t coordinate the issues on our own. No matter how well we have always communicated, we needed the Lord to reach each other’s heart. We needed our heavenly Father’s protective hand to hold us through that time. We learned how much we couldn’t do and how much more God could do within our marriage. Unfortunately it was the hard way.

At our vow renewal, we said these words of the vows in a very different manner. Because instead of looking forward to an unknown future, we looked at a knowing past. We knew each other better, The Good the Bad and the Ugly. We understood, what it meant to promise to be there “for better or worse”.

We understood what both looked like. We also humbly admitted how far short we have both come to fulfilling those vows and how much of our sustained marriage was due to ONLY the grace of God. I bless the Lord for that.


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