Struggling with Sin


It is so frustrating.

Resolved, just days ago (our even decades ago) to be better, walk with God better, discipline our lives, forsake that sin or put away pornography… and we fall again.

Sinning again. Lost the fight again.

It is so frustrating.

When will, it stop? When will Christ deliver us from carrying out the desires of the body and the mind? Will there ever be a time where we will defeat that sin, that habit for good?

Will there every be a moment where that tempting moment won’t bother me anymore?

I have a friend that I know whose stronghold sin, by God’s grace, has been completely delivered of even the desire. He has the ability to resist the temptation like flicking the dead body of a fly after swatting it with a newspaper.

That’s easy! That would be great to experience that for all of us who struggle with sin. You’re probably saying, like me,  “Lord, could you do that for me? Could you completely, by your grace, take all the struggle and wrestling and fight away from my stronghold sin too? Just win this battle Jesus and I’ll give you all the glory”

But most of the time, God doesn’t do that. In fact most of he time, it can appear that the struggle intensifies.

What do we do? Where do we go from here.

I have some words of encouragement for you… actually they are not my words, they are Matt Chandler’s words. And even then, it is the words of God himself.

Take a moment  Click on the link  and watch this video. There are two segments,  one is sermon jam from Matt and the second is a worship song “Christ Be All \Around Me.” performed by Michael W. Smith. Be encouraged in your fight that Christ has you covered.  In fact, he has you covered above, below, before and behind you.






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