Tackle One Day at a Time

“Each day has enough trouble of its own” Matthew 6:34b HCSB

It is too daunting of a task to try to be victorious over sin for the rest of your life. You’re intention with such a resolve to “Never do it again” are sincere. But they have no strength.  Resolutions are good decisions to make. But even Jonathan Edwards said of his godly resolves, that he failed and needed grace.

The best approach is to take it one day at a time.  The strength, grace, mercy, promises and even God Himself are an ever present daily reality. They are to be trusted in, reminded of, depended on and acknowledge of on a daily basis. “New every morning” great is God’s faithfulness to each day you have in front of you.

You don’t know what tomorrow brings in terms of troubles and temptations.

What was easy to resist yesterday, may be a harder pull toward sinning today.  The condition of you inner heart may be strong and courageous in the Lord today, yet insecure and tired tomorrow. Don’t worry about tomorrows temptations today.

Fight today’s battles and gain the small victories day after day.

For some of you, this step sounds very basic and something straight out of a “12 step” program. But for those who struggle with sin it is amazing how quickly giving into sin forms a habitual lifestyle. For example: one out burst of anger turns into a daily seething and defensive attitude. A simple sharing of burden can switch to a complaining conversation with a flip of the switch. A self-justified ”I deserve this” mentality can lead to an arrogant and prideful indulgence into lust and greed.

Win the day! Starve sin every moment. Focus on today’s battles and tackle them one at a time. When you take the one day at a time mentality, you will begin to see God’s mercy everyday empowering you for a longer term overcoming mentality that becomes a lifestyle of humble daily dependence.



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