Sweetness of Christ

Christ is never sweet–until sin is felt to be bitter.

Thomas Watson

If your sinfulness  is becoming sweeter to your souls delight-  BEWARE. That is the result of a callous forming at the root of desires of your heart. It is poisoning the taste buds of your soul causing a delight in sin. BEWARE.

If you are losing the sweetness of Christ- stir your desires and affections to a greater worship and consideration of Christ. See how sinful your motives and actions and attitudes are. See How Holy and Righteous Christ is. See how much bigger the cross must be for you to trust in.

All this must be done in a heart of prayer, open to the Scriptures, being fully exposed to God in honesty and transparent admittance of reality.

So really slow down and consider- take time don’t just click to the next thing. Schedule a time to reflect reconsider this quote and repent.




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