Be Killing Sins (Mar 27)

killing sin banner

All Effective Fighting Starts on Your Knees

Valley of Vision continues to set the tone of a prayer life may people would love to have. May this prayer be on your lips this week.  Not just as a reading. But a true sincere cry of you heart throughout the week.

Lay Aside the Weight of Discouragement

The “Lay Aside” series of posts by Jon Bloom continue to hit home in terms of killing sin in the power of the Gospel.Bloom gives us the heart of the matter when it comes to discouragement and its role in causing us to sin.  He gives very precise confrontational strategies when battling discouragement. This is a very good equipping article.

Respectable Sins

This hard hitting book from Jerry Bridges continues to expose a multitudes of areas in our lives in which we need the gospel power to be applied and lived out.If you’ve never read it. now is the time!

Tip of the Week

Taking one day at a time is an essential mindset in killing any sin. Read more here.

When Romans 8:28 is Difficult to Believe

When things get rough, is it the right time to beef up your belief? Consider these thoughts.


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