The Reformation 500 Poem


In the Middle ages, there was a truth the church forgot

That you are saved by God’s grace never to be bought.

Or to be earned by merits, sweat and tears

The Gospel’s main truths were lost for many years.


But make no mistake, the church was not forgotten

During its corruption and when the theology was rotten.

For God was on the move for His word to go far

To get it to his people, he raised a morning star.


The Bible in Latin was only known by a few.

So John Wycliffe knew exactly what to do.

Passionate that authority was in God’s Word alone

Wycliffe translated diligently, like a dog on a bone.


God’s Word to His people with a clear communication.

Yet God’s work was just starting with a great reformation.


A monk with a mallet is what people think.

A monk who both married and began to drink.

But make no mistake about his role

Even Martin Luther knew who was in control.


For the night before his memorable stand,

Luther wrote in his prayer by his trembling hand

“The work is not mine, but Thine”  He had penned.

“I have no business here… I have nothing to contend”.


Luther had sensed God’s call for His stand

To be in the Living Book that he held in his hand.

His conscious captive to the everlasting Bible.

He would stand firm against the questioning rival.


Who asked him to recant of what he taught

To obey God’s Word was his only thought.


The movement of God through the nations persisted.

Reform was on the rise and the Papacy resisted.

“After Darkness, Light” was the cry of the Swiss.

A metaphor of the Gospel believers could not miss.


In England, there was a political and papacy storm.

Monarchs with religious power was the troubling norm.

But make no mistake, for God had his man.

Thomas Cranmer was part of His sovereign plan.


His writing established Biblical worship and preaching.

Even in his martyrdom, they were works of far reaching.

In Scotland John Knox was a man who was frail

Yet God strengthen his work so he would not fail



The Puritans of England were mistaken to have no compassion.

But they loved God and His Word with a fiery passion.

They declared God’s beauty and grace in eloquent professions

They left for the Church doctrinal writings and biblical confessions.


To keep reforming the church we live in today

By the Word of God is the only way.

Let’s pray that we will see His glory and His might.

But make no mistake, we must stand where God’s word is right.


In our lives we must trust God’s supreme and sovereign plan.

To bring glory to himself and to save all elected man.

Be it through people like Zwingli, Calvin and Hus

Just as God had used them, God will use us.


We must stand as stewards of a continuing reformation.

Proclaiming God’s truth with bold declaration!


by Eric D. Mattie


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