#126 finishing something that looks nice.

  I enjoy the precision of a graphic that I originated. I zoom in tight to corners and curves to make sure it is sharp. I carefully choose colors and pictures that are the best representation of what was in my head.  I’m not a professional at all. Yet when I  finish something that looks... Continue Reading →

The Day Porn Came to Bible College

Let the following real story be a sobering reminder. It is the confrontation I’ll never forget. It was the day I saw porn come to Bible College. -- As part of the campus security team, my supervisor and I were summoned to meet the dean and the assistant dean of men at the single apartment... Continue Reading →

Hello, again.

  Hello, again, Here at Biblically Pure, we are here to help encourage you in the fight against sin- all sin in general, and sexual sin in particular. We desire to strengthen believers in Jesus Christ, both in what they believe and in loving Jesus with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. Both the... Continue Reading →

Bless the Lord #125 marital moments with out the kids around.

Yep the house is quieter and it seems like forever ago that we didn't have the house "full". But in my marriage, I'm blessed enough to hear that silence tinged with the movements and activities of my wife in the back ground, that I remember how this all started. It all started when two people... Continue Reading →

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