How to not waste your time on porn

Have you established the practice of using your time wisely? In the struggle with ANY sin, its important to take inventory of your time. Yet in the struggle with pornography what can feel like minutes in reality in a lost hour and a half. Idle time can lead to erecting in our lives, idol treasures.... Continue Reading →


Kill Sin or Die

The following clip from John Piper puts into clarity the seriousness of playing with sin instead of fighting it. The stakes are high! Take it serious--- Do what you must to conquer lust. Click here and listen carefully, prayerfully and humbly

What’s missing in my pursuit of purity?

The great message of pursuing purity is always one directed to the younger generation among the abstinence movement. They deliver a strong message of waiting for sex until marriage, protect against your lustful desires and the cultural obsession with sex, and making Jesus the greater goal by honoring Him. However there is an aspect missing... Continue Reading →

What does it mean to be biblically pure? -Part 3

In the New Testament James carries on this idea when he says, “Draw near to God and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you men of double mind.” (James 4:8), While the description from Psalm show that a person with a pure heart has no divided... Continue Reading →

What does it mean to be biblically pure? -Part 2

Psalm 24 is a good picture of what the life of a biblically pure person is to look like. But it takes the approach of saying what being pure isn’t. My last post I summarized the first part of this picture found in this Psalm by saying to be biblically pure means to have a... Continue Reading →

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