Don’t Waste Your Mid-Life


You don’t have to have a mid-life crisis. In fact, with intentional attention to what God has taught you in  your early life, you can have mid-life clarity.

Lord willing you live another 40 years, will you give into the inertia of retiring for life? Of pursuing only your happiness, and comfort? For living for your legacy and glory? For pursuing bucket list experiences?

While many people champion the wisdom of learning from biographies, (which I see as a good thing as well)  I wish to encourage that wisdom can be learned from daily biblical and self reflection. And it can even happen before a lifetime of regret closes out.

Upon turning 44, a few years back now, I prayed the Lord would grant me another 44 years of fruitful and active life to be lived for His glory. So in the tradition of resolutions, I wanted to summarize  resolutions I always make on the annual turning of the calendar.(Albeit, my tradition was always February, because the holiday have never granted me the reflection time for real resolutions, beyond simple goal setting.)

I came up with a memorable way for me to embrace that challenge and created the following poster that encapsulates the thoughts of that time. As I’ve allowed time and a few years to pass to have these desires become more rooted than just in moment in which I may have needed them, it has served as a good reminder.  I wish to share it, to help your own walk with God and prayer life to be enriched in mid-life, instead of entangled in the mesh of a life season reflections which could put you down the wrong path.

Take some time and answer for yourself what does it mean for your life to live out the four resolutions for the glory of God




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