Are You In Trouble?


6 Signs that you are in trouble.

1. You are playing with temptation.

2. Your feeding your sin

3. You’ve stopped fighting

4. You are unsure of your heart’s condition.

5. You’ve given up.

6. No one is holding you accountable.


“What do I do if one of these are true?”

You need to: Realize,  Repent, and Reach Out

God says you need to repent. Biblical repentance calls you to  realize and repent.

  • You are to realize- to truly admit “yes, that’s me”.
  • You are to repent- “Lord forgive me, you are my only hope!”Sin is a condition, not just behavior, so true repentance is a lifestyle not just an occasional practice.  Acts 3:19,20  “Repent,then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord and that He may send the Christ who has been appointed for you-even Jesus.”
  • You are to reach out.- You can’t fight alone. We are here to help. To reach out, fill out the contact form below.


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