Biblical Purity exists to Encourage the Fighter and to Strengthen the Believer.

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 The greatest fight the Christian has is for

a deep satisfaction and joy in Jesus Christ.

We encourage that here. To cultivate the desire for God -His presence, His passion, His glory- to be our greatest enjoyment is the main goal of this site. It’s based on the strategy to battle sin with a superior pleasure. That superior pleasure is to be God himself and our enjoyment of him is to be our pursuit… not sin.

Strengthening of the Christian always has

the foundation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We strengthen that here. Growing deeper in the Christian faith has nothing to do with becoming independent. It’s actually through becoming more dependent on Jesus and His work on the cross that we grow in our love, trust and worship of God. It’s based on the strategy to grow stronger by growing more aware of your weakness. Everyday we are to preach the gospel to ourselves and remember our need for a Savior.

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