Be Killing Sins (Apr 23)

Christlikeness Another great prayer asking God to work only he can in our life and heart! From Banner of Truth's Valley of Vision To Enjoy Him Forever A good article reminding us of four means that we are to urilize in our pursuit of Jesus and enjoying Him forever How to get rid of the... Continue Reading →

Watson on Wednesday-Godly Sorrow

1. True godly sorrow is inward It is inward in two ways: (1) It is a sorrow of the heart. The sorrow of hypocrites lies in their faces: “they disfigure their faces” (Mat 6.16). They make a sour face, but their sorrow goes no further, like the dew that wets the leaf but does not... Continue Reading →

Be Killing Sin (Apr 17)

How much does God get of you? John Piper get to the heart of the matter for those who say they believe in God, yet only give 2% of their attention to Him in their lifestyle PRAY YOUR WAY OUT OF WORRY Worrying and anxiety can be a complex issue. Sometimes its not a  four... Continue Reading →

Be Killing Sin (Apr 9)

The Holiness Instinct Tim Challies does a great job explaining how God desires our good in the process of making us holy. And what's great about this article is his transparent confession of how God made these real thoughts and reflections practical after penning his thoughts to his website.  Check it out and be encouraged. ... Continue Reading →

Be Killing Sins (April 2)

I Bring my Soul to Thee In this Vision of the Valley learn to invite God in and lay down areas in your life you know are filled with sin. Are You a Scoffer? So what exactly is a scoffer?  Do I sit with them in my life  or am I that person?  Denny Burk... Continue Reading →

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