#69 The Hiding Place

I used to be fascinated with the concept of the secret place Jesus spoke of on the sermon on the mount, when I was a kid learning in Sunday School class. The Hiding place. The Secret place.  Jesus’ instruction to go into your room and shut the door and pray in secret... all fascinated me.... Continue Reading →


#68 The conviction of the Holy Spirit

The conviction of the Holy Spirit has always been a prayer of mine that it would increase.  My heart is prone to wander and grow cold.  For being such a passionate and emotionally charged young man, I never imagined that my heart would get so callous and self-deceiving. Yet it does. All of our hearts... Continue Reading →

#67 the moments my kids truly say thank from a deep gratitude.

As my kids transition for the elementary years to the teens and later teen years, there is a better awareness of their surroundings, circumstances and realities. One of the blessings of that is when they see the sacrifice or act of love. Their thank you comes from a deeper side of their soul.  Not just... Continue Reading →

# 66 God works in spite of me

This was both humbling and freeing to walk through.  The longer I’ve used my gifts in the church and have ministered to people over years, I’ve increased my trust in Christ working beyond my talents.  He doesn’t need me,  as it says in the book of Acts.  In fact when I make mistakes, or don’t... Continue Reading →

# 65 For the creativity of board games that bring happiness and bonds relationships

Board games that have stood the test of time are the ones that not only were enjoyable but also taught lessons along the way. Moral and life lessons.  I've done what I could not only on parenting and using my gift of exhortation in using them as illustrations to others. I've also used then as... Continue Reading →

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